Sleep Class FAQ

Preparing your child for Healthy Sleep

We understand how tired you are right now so we will make it quick – if you would like more information about our approach or program please see the Services FAQ page on our website or email us at

How long is the class?

Most classes are done within 2.5 hours. It can take a little longer if our group is engaged but typically, we are done around that time.

Are Children Invited?

We would really like to give you and your partner the chance to sit down with other adults and enjoy your time with others who are are having the same parenting experience as you. We have taught classes with little ones in the past and although we loved getting to know them, it was very difficult for mom and dad to concentrate and they missed some important information. Although newborn babies are welcome, we really encourage finding alternate childcare for more mobile children or having one parent stay home.
Is the price more if my partner comes?
Absolutely not. We encourage both parents to attend. If childcare can be arranged, take the time to sit down together and relax for 2 + hours.

What is the difference between class and class + coaching?


  • 2.5 hour group class
  • Handout with all the information discussed in class
  • 5 emails during the first week to ask any questions you may have while implementing the foundations.


  • Coaching is implementing a plan to teach your child how to fall asleep independently.
  • Choose the method that best suits your parenting style and that you will be most comfortable implementing
  • 1 week of daily unlimited email support from either Pam or Elisa
  • If you feel like you are not ready to begin right away, you can add coaching to any class within two months of attending the class
Is coaching necessary?

No. We would love for you to succeed with the information you receive in class and some of our families do. However, there are a lot of factors when dealing with sleep and the coaching is needed to reach specific goals.

Co-sleeping or Bed-sharing families

Yes. We genuinely do support all parenting styles and if you would like to establish healthy sleep habits while continuing to co-sleep or bed-share, we recommend attending the class. You can always come back for coaching up to a month down the road.

Child ready to transition?

from arms, carrier, co-sleeping, night weaning, sleep associations, independent sleep…..
If you are ready to take the next step and really change the way your family sleeps we recommend the class + coaching.

How to Register?

You can register online through our Sleep Classes page, through email or by phone on our Contact Us page. If you would like to move forward with coaching it is a good idea to advise us beforehand so that we can send you the required documents. We currently accept both e-transfers and PayPal payments.
*Please specify which method you would like to use when registering through email.

Other Tips:
  • Everything will be in our handout. If you prefer to sit back and listen, you will have everything about the class with you to take home. If you prefer to take notes, you are more than welcome to take notes throughout.
  • If the class date doesn’t work but you would still like help, host a sleep party! Have 3-4 friends over and I’ll come to your home and do a class on a day that works for everyone.