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Pam and Elisa are Holistic Infant and Child Sleep Consultants and Parenting experts with over 15 years of experience in the childcare field. They work with families all over North America supporting them through their journey to healthy sleep. Their emotional based approach along with their extensive support is key to your success. Pam and Elisa have the ability to use various methods and techniques that are fully customized for each individual family ensuring that parents will be comfortable implementing the plan they have chosen.


Being mothers ourselves, we understand how important sleep is for both children and parents to be able to function at their full potential. Our passion has lead us towards educating and helping as many families as we can. We understand sleep and how hard life can be without it.


What better way to learn all about sleep than with a group of parents experiencing some of the same issues? Our workshops are a more cost effective option designed to set you on the right track to healthy sleep while tackling your current sleep challenges.


We work within your comfort zone using the sleep strategies that best suit your parenting philosophies. Taking a holistic approach provides us the opportunity to determine the root cause of your child’s sleep issues and use gentle methods to create the foundations needed for healthy sleep.


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After a couple of days on the plan, I started to notice the amazing changes that were happening – My daughter was sleeping on her own in her own crib on a schedule! The night time routine was getting easier and easier, it was such a reward to know that the hard work was paying off. For the following time, the plan ran smoothly except for a few hiccups along the way that Elisa helped me with. I really appreciated that she had gentle solutions to suit my comfort level. I also really liked how she was in contact with me, it was like having a personal trainer for sleep! I began looking forward to our progress check in’s and the positive reassurance that she gave me throughout the weeks helped tremendously.Amanda from Ottawa, Ontario

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