Is it Time for a Big Kid Bed?

Time for a Big Kid Bed? Find out how to know if it's the right time and get safety tips to make the transition.

Making the move from the crib to a big kid bed can be a little intimidating for some. You want to ensure that your child is ready for the move as switching them too early can cause sleep challenges.

Wait for the right time

There is no right age to transition a little one into a big bed. Some children can transition as early as a year, while others as late as 3+ years old. Typically the best time is between 2.5 and 3 years as they are old enough to really understand the ‘rules’ of sleeping in a big bed. When contemplating making the change, it is also important to factor in your child’s temperament. If your child is easy going and settles well, an earlier transition shouldn’t be an issue. If your child is feisty, you may want to hold off on making the move too early. The important piece in this is making sure your child has well-established sleep habits.

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