How to Safely Share the Family Bed

Learn how you can safely share your family bed to get the sleep you need and tips to transition when you are ready.

There are times in a new parent’s life when great sleep seems like a thing of the past. For some families bed sharing is done out of belief and desire. For other families, it is done out of pure survival. In those circumstances, it may be the only way anyone can get sleep!

The recommendation from the Canadian Paediatric Society for healthy sleep is to have your baby sleep in a bassinet or crib beside your bed or in the same room as you for the first 6 months. They recommend that babies sleep in their own bed, on their back and with nothing in bed with them.

If your family has made the proactive decision to bed share, or have been thrown into it out of necessity, there are guidelines that should be followed to ensure the safety of your little one. Being equipped with the knowledge to do it safely can make the bed sharing experience a positive one.

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