How Much Sleep Does your Child Need?

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need? Find out at

You may have heard time and time again about how important sleep is for your child and that they should be getting ‘enough’ sleep every night. But do you know how much sleep your child needs?

Sleep needs vary from child to child and by age. Knowing how much sleep your child should be getting is the first step towards healthy sleep.

We have put together a quick guide for you to be able to see how much sleep your child needs as he or she grows.

It is important to note that these are just guidelines. Some little ones may need a tad less or a little more.

If you need help reaching the recommended sleep goals, we can help!

Pam and Elisa

Age Night Sleep Day Sleep  Total Sleep
Newborn-2 months 8-9 hours (many naps) 7-9 hours (many naps) 16-18 hours


2-4 months 9-10 hours 4-5 hours (3-5 naps) 14-16 hours
4-6 months 11 hours 3-4 hours (3-4 naps) 14-15 hours


6-9 months 11-12 hours 3-4 hours (3 naps) 14-15 hours
9-12 months 11-12 hours 2-3 hours (2 naps) 13-14 hours


12-18 months 11-12 hours 2-3 hours (1-2 naps) 13-14 hours
18 months-2 yrs. 11-12 hours 2 hours (1 nap) 13-14 hours
2 -3 years 11-12 hours 1-2 hours (1 nap) 12-14 hours
3-5 years 11-13 hours 11-13 hours
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