Maintain a Sleep Schedule and Still Get Out of the House

Maintain a Sleep Schedule and Still Get Out of the House

You have worked so hard and have been so consistent with your child’s sleep but now you can’t help but wonder if you can maintain a sleep schedule and still get out of the house!

We have been there! Having mixed ages of children with our own and our daycare children, we understand the importance of getting out for yourself and for the children! Most people do not like to be stuck at home all of the time, day after day. Especially when the weather is nice! We want you to be able to get out, it is just about finding the balance between keeping the predictability for your little nappers while still being able to socialize.

When working on establishing a schedule or sleep coaching, we do recommend that you stay close to home between sleep periods so that your child is set up for success and has a consistent sleep space during the learning phase. However, once you have established sleep, there are a few ways that you can get out of the house and maintain the sleep schedule you have just taught your little one.

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