Making Bath Time Fun!

Make Bath Time Fun! Simple Solutions to Win Bath Time Battles

Simple solutions to win those bath time battles

We’ve all been there: you once had a child who loved bath time who now is fighting with every ounce of their being to avoid the tub.

Sometimes children go through phases where they simply just don’t want stop playing in order to take a bath. There are times though, when bath avoidance may mean something more and become an anxiety inducing experience, stemming from fears or negative experiences. Fears for little ones can feel very big to them, even if they don’t seem so to you. If your child is experiencing bath time fears and/or anxiety, first and foremost it is essential to help them through their fear. The following activities aren’t meant to be a replacement or distraction for those very real and very big fears, rather they’re intended to restore your child’s love for the bath once you’ve gotten to the emotional root cause of their upset. And for the kiddos who’d rather play than bathe, these activities can act as great incentives to get in the tub!

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