Tips to Help your Child Adjust to Daycare

The thought of going back to work can be quite a difficult process for some parents. Throughout your little one’s life there will be many changes. For some, starting daycare is the first major change that they will be going through. Whether it is a childcare centre, a home daycare, a nanny or with family, there is still an adjustment process that you and your little one will have to go through. From all of our years of experience in the childcare field and integrating many children into our own home daycares, we have put together some tips to help make the transition a little bit easier for everyone.

Help them adjust to the schedule ahead of time

It is beneficial to find out what the daycare schedule is and try to work towards getting your child’s system adjusted to that schedule before they begin. They will already be going through some changes so adding a new schedule to the mix last minute can make it a little more difficult for some of them. Most providers and centres have a set meal and sleep schedule that they work with.

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