Ditching the soother: Tips to get through the transition

Are you ready to ditch the soother? We've got some great tips to help you through the transition to get rid of the pacifier!

A pacifier soother, sucky, soo soo or whatever you chose to call it can be a great tool in the early months and even as your baby gets a little bit older as a comfort item when they go to bed. Some infants are born with an extreme urge to suck, which is likely when you introduced that soother.

Using a soother is a family decision and it does not have to be considered a negative sleep association. It gets tricky when you are needed to re-plug it all night long but there are ways that you can teach your child to be able to do that on their own.

There will always be some upset when you make the decision to wean them of the pacifier. Choosing the moment that is right for you and your child is important however, we have found it easier to do either before 6 months of age or after 18 months. Not to say it cannot be done between then, it just may be a little easier when they can understand the process. We’ve outlined a few strategies that can help you along.



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