Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Your Family

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How getting chiropractor care can benefit your children:

Being born can be traumatic for a new baby’s system. Yes, babies have soft structures and are able to squeeze through the birth canal as they have been doing since the beginning of man, however, the process in this day in age is slightly different. We now have tools such as forceps and vacuums, doctors who pull, tug and manipulate a baby’s head and shoulders to help the process of delivery and speed things up if necessary. Certainly there are some doctors and midwives who allow for a more natural delivery, as long as mom and baby are healthy! But the child and mother’s safety is always priority and if baby needs to come out fast, the professionals need to act quickly and often this can require a little more force.

Our expert chiropractors Dr. William and Erin Johnston from Johnston Health Centre in Barrie and North Bay, Ontario have provided us with some valuable information. Together they have two healthy children that they have been adjusting since birth and have seen firsthand both with them and all of their tiny patients how beneficial visiting a chiropractor can be. They have answered some of our most pressing questions when it comes to treating newborns, babies and children through chiropractic care.

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