Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy When You Are Stuck Indoors

Keep kids busy with these fun activities for indoor play!

It is March Break in our neck of the woods and the children are all very excited to spend some time out of school. We know the most popular activities are ones that can be done outside burning off all that extra energy. While we fully agree with that, you may live in a climate where spending large amounts of time outside during the March Break is just not feasible due to cold weather and frostbite advisories. We all like to think that by March, it starts to get warmer outside but that is not always the case!

For those days when you are stuck indoors we have put together a list of four of our favourite sensory activities from our days as Childcare Providers. These can all be done indoors within the comfort of your own home. The best part is that your children will be learning through play while you sit back with your coffee and enjoy watching them have fun!

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